New Chitchatcity blog ( we need staff members )
  • i have just started a new ccc blog this does not mean i wont come are be apart of anyother blogs if you try to join you will get emailed back if you were chosen are not within 10-60 min or 10-30 min there are 4 places avalable gossiper interviewer photographer and writer there will be more info about each part on the blog page
    if you do get in you will have to post somthing in a week or less if you dont you will no longer be apart of this blog for being an inactive staff
  • but you will be able to sign up again an will have a more chance of being apart of the blog again
  • can i be da gossiper?
  • ok but you got to sign up at the blog
  • i signed up :)
  • ill sign up
  • I cant get onto your blog
  • I'll sign up!
  • i cant get onto her blog
  • it says this site has not been published
  • but i would love to be photographer please publish it again for me
  • Sorry I'm keeping the site down for a while or shutting it down to make a new and improved one ill keep this forum updated
  • im going to be working on it this weekend sorry for the loooooong wait when im done ill message anyone on my friends list who wanted to be a staff member
  • ok im done with the layout but you can still sign up and ill pick About 5 people to join when im done ----->

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